have just started university myself, and as I have had to go through the stress that comes with socialising and attempting to make brand new friends, I thought that I would share with you some tips that hopefully will make your experience less scary and help you gently ease yourself into your brand new life at your university of choice. 

Okay, so I know that being open and sociable with complete strangers is really hard especially if you are an introvert, however it is definitely possible and I am proof to that. Firstly, introduce yourself! This is very very important. Don't be afraid to say hello! Everyone is probably just as afraid to introduce themselves as you are so taking initiative is always great. Try to keep up conversations even if it's just small talk. I found it useful to think of fun facts about myself, then share. This will usually start the conversation, and who knows where that might lead. Show yourself to be interested in the other person or the group too so that you do not come across as snobby or arrogant though. You will find that people in university are much nicer than you ever could have expected. Slowly you will start to bond with people and as you feel more comfortable with them, so will they with you. 

Universities generally have endless choices of events, clubs and societies you can join. Make the most of these opportunities and freshers' week and sign up to a range or activities! Be adventurous and allow yourself to experience new things. Have some fun! Who knows what new passion you may uncover. I decided to get involved before I even truly started university, modelling free of fee for the fashion society during O-Week and this has been an amazing experience as it has helped me meet students at the university that I probably wouldn't have had the privilege to meet otherwise. It's an amazing way to meet new people and develop a common interest.

Befriend people in your class, as this means you will have the unit of study in common which will result in you gaining a friend, and also a study buddy. This means that if you ever need help with understanding a concept you could share knowledge with your 'buddy' and also, when those dreaded group tasks come up, you won't be left without a partner wishing you hadn't bee so damn shy. 

You will find that you will meet people through mutuals, and your social circle will gradually increase, hopefully, eventually resulting in the establishment of your dream, much desired friendship group.

This was something I was very conflicted over. It's pretty impossible to not worry about this, but really, don't. Most people in university don't really care about what anyone wears. All that matters is that you're completely comfortable and if that's the case then don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

All I have left to say is GOOD LUCK, and make the very most of it!


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Monday, 24 February 2014



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