Recently, after years and years of being the girl that drinks a minimal amount of water daily, I decided that it was time to turn over a new leaf to improve both my health and my appearance. 
In our daily lives, most of us don't think of the effects not drinking enough water will have on us, but we definitely should.

About a months ago I was suffering from horrible acne outbreaks all over my face, and lets be honest no one wants acne. Ever.
When the outbreaks kept coming in waves and I felt like it was never ending, I decided to take up drinking the recommended daily intake of water of 8-10 cups (approximately 2 litres). I had read that drinking a lot of water will clear up skin and also keep it plump and hydrated. And so it did. After about two weeks of religiously drinking the 2 litres daily, the acne had dissipated and left me with horrible scarring and hyper pigmentation. Now you might say 'how do you even know it was the water maybe they just naturally went away?'. The way I know is that about a week ago I got lazy and stopped drinking my usual amount and I started to break out. Again. So not the water bottle is right back on my bed side table. And in my handbag. Everywhere.
The right amount of water will also keep your skin, all of it, in great shape. The hydration that your skin will possess after all that water will also help with combatting your skins ageing and wrinkles. Yet another advantage is that if you're hydrating right, your dark under eye circles will also be greatly reduced. Water will help you look your best radiant self day in and day out. You will wake up feeling healthy, refreshed and more rested than you've ever felt before. 

So what are you waiting for? Wherever you are right now, whether it be your bedroom, your classroom, a train or anywhere else, the moment you get a chance, drink water. It will do wonders for you!


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Sunday, 9 February 2014


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