Paulo Cohelo once said, “To change the world we need to combine ancient wisdom with new technologies.” However, we need to be very careful of how we do that, keeping in mind a certain balance between the two, not allowing technology to take over any much needed awareness that people should have for ancient wisdom. 

At the present time, technology allows us to process information in rapid succession without much consideration, which has resulted in the overestimation of our own real-time processing abilities and our lack of complete dedication to anything and everything. With Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat and Instagram only to name a few, how do we know when we have taken it too far? 

Just think about this-How many times today did you check your emails, or sent a snap, or reblogged and photo while you were involved in doing something else. Think of the last conversation you had-Were you really focusing, or was your attention on so many other things that you can barely remember what it was about? When you went out with a friend last, did you actually spend time with them, did you have real conversation time where you both accorded each other your undivided attention, or did you find yourself constantly interrupted by incoming notifications and found yourself so caught up in the online that the real was set aside?   

Nowadays, our online activity is the biggest contributor and driving force to our daily lives, which makes the aforementioned pretty much indispensable. We need technology to organise to actually talk to people face to face, we need it to organise events, to get a job, to do pretty much anything these days. However, when I go out and see people in groups, with real, tangible people right in front of them, in complete silence with their noses buried deep in the screens of their phones, I cannot help but think, this is getting completely out of control. Technology should be used to aid our 'real' life, not get in its way. This is when we have to stop and think. Is this me? Have I take it too far? And if it is, how can I fix it??? 

I have found that the best way to find the perfect balance in technology usage is having a detox. After not using a gadget at all for an extended period of time, when returning to using it, you will have found that your usage time has decreased and your urge to use it has dissipated. Here are two challenges that I am going to take on for the next 30 days, that I am also going to challenge you to attempt:

1. For 30 minutes, two times a day, I am going to relinquish all technology and focus on lowering my stress levels and deal with anything that may be on my mind. Who knows what may happen? 

2. I'm going to avoid using any technology while interacting with others. If I am having a conversation with someone else, I will not use my phone, but offer the other party my full undivided attention.

If you are taking on this challenge with me for the duration of the month of March let me know how you're going! I know this is probably a pretty hard challenge for most of us, but it shouldn't be and I do hope that by the end of March it won't be. Good Luck!!!


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Saturday, 1 March 2014


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