very fortnight my university campus gets taken over by tents, marquees and stands packed to the rim by all types of fashion items both vintage and new, from clothing, to shoes, to bags. Most pieces are extremely affordable which I think is very convenient to a campus full of trend stricken youth, so today, during a long awaited break, I grabbed a friend, raided the spellbinding racks, and with vintage clothing, pin-up style and money to spend, this day could not have gotten any better.
The dress my friend Tori tried on and ended up purchasing, seen in the photo above is an authentic 1950s frock and was definitely the pick of the day. It looked flawless on her!
You know what they say if you can't go to the party, they'll bring the party to you, and this is exactly what happened to me today. I've been trying so hard to stay away from any type of shops that yell spending at me, and here come the markets slowly working their way under my skin, until I just couldn't resist but spend all my money on a few carefully budgeted pieces.

Tomorrows post will follow up on todays and it will be a little lookbook of todays picks. If you're curious on what I picked up, check back in with me tomorrow!


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Wednesday, 9 April 2014


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