n my last post I promised I'd put together a little lookbook showcasing the three items I purchased from the pop-up markets at my university, so here they are.

The first item is a blouse in a dark, beautiful combination of navy, burgundy and between the coloured squares, it is all mesh, which makes it slightly see through. This purchase cost a minuscule $5.
Second in line is this striped knit-like dress. This is the only one of the three that is actually new, as it still had all the tags on it. It was reduced to only $10 however, because of a fixable section on the side that was unstitched. Definitely worth the $10 especially as winter is starting to creep in, and this dress has the potential to keep me warm. 
The third and last purchase is this vintage striped dress. I've long wanted a striped dress, however I did not want to spend a fortune on a nice one such as the American Apparel version that I see everyone on campus walking around in, and here comes along this $5 dollar purchase fulfilling all my wishes, while also helping me stay as unique as I always aim to be. I truly dislike seeing people walking around in the same clothes that I am wearing, so I believe vintage shopping is always the best way to go if that's the case and as you can see, you truly get a bang for your buck as I ended up with two and a half outfits for as little as $20.
Which of my purchases is your favourite
Do you shop in vintage/op-shops? Let me know in the comment section below.


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Friday, 11 April 2014


  1. These items you picked up are just perfect for the upcoming season. I will definitely try vintage shopping. I hate it when other people wear the same thing as me


  2. Great photos to display your new items , love your haircut as well