woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. - Coco Chanel

It feels better than good. It feels liberating. I feel like a whole new person, with that much needed confidence boost. I start university in about two weeks and I though I needed a change. A fresh start in every way.

Long hair needs much more care and attention, it takes a whole lot more time to style and what can I say basically everything that long hair is, a hassle. Truth is that after a lot of heat styling over time, my hair wasn't in such great shape either, and that added to the frizz that I hated so, so, much. My hair is also very thick and quite naturally wavy so hey chopping it all off might just be the best decision i've made in a very long time! 

All I can say is hey, if you're considering chopping it off, GO FOR IT!!! You'll feel awesome!
My hair was not pretty anymore, I don't even know why I waited such a long time to change it up. Now I LOVE IT!
Change is a necessity. If we don't change anything in our appearance for a very long time I think we start picking our image apart and point out all those insignificant imperfections that no one else can even pick up on.
It'll make you feel fabulous c:  


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Tuesday, 18 February 2014



  1. Yes! I have been dying to cut my hair too. Very brave of you :) It looks awesome.