I am not completely sure if its a good thing or not that I am completely in love with dark, and more specifically, black clothing, however I have chosen to take the high road and just not care what others think.
Black always seems to come across as both subtle and bold simultaneously and that brings me satisfaction in some completely inconceivable way. If, like me, you feel uncomfortable wearing bright, intense colours, black will surely be a big part of your closet. Styling black items can sometimes be a hassle if you want to maintain a feminine look, but oh well. No one's perfect! Just make sure you wear something that is a reflection of you and what you like. A happy you is all that matters!
In this outfit I paired a pair of disco pants which are high waisted, with a looser navy crop which has tiny holes throughout, to bring some light into the outfit. I wore a simple black handbag, heeled jellies and, to match the crop and break away from the whole black look, I sported navy nail polish and a nude lip gloss. 

Bottoms: JayJays // Top: Finders Keepers // Shoes: ZU // Bag: Mathers // Nail Polish: Ruby // Lips: Exhibit


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Saturday, 15 February 2014



  1. great outfits, especially love those shoes! are they jelly shoes?