Okay, so while I am a big fan of bright lip products in general, pink isn't a shade i'd ever really go for, however I've always wanted to try it. 

This lipstick was passed on to me by my mum. She's not one for the bright lips so when she saw the bright product inside the tube (and its seriously bright like whoa) it ended up in my collection. 

While it is very intimidating to look at, when applied, it is quite sheer. I definitely recommend this lipstick if you aren't prepared to have bright, opaque pinks on your lips just yet. This is a good way to ease your way in. I find this formula to be very moisturising which many lipsticks struggle to achieve. It is smooth, glossy, holds up pretty well and can be worn both subtly and more as a statement lip if you pack it on a little. 

The product is packaged beautifully (lets admit it, with Dior it always is), with the signature initials CD by Christian Dior on the top. The use of silver contrasts the vibrant colour and makes it pop even more. The bullet is sleek, minimal and does not overpower, but allows the product on the inside make the statement. 

Dior is and probably always will be my favourite high end brand. From their couture to their fragrances, to their makeup, everything just tends to draw me in. What can I say? I just love it! 

What do you think? Is Dior one of your favourites? 
Are you more of a sheer lipstick wearing girl or do you like to go all out and stand out from the crowd?


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Wednesday, 5 February 2014



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