Our skin, just like us, after being completely stressed and under pressure for a whole week needs some time off. It needs some time to unwind, and the Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Peel-Off Mask Cucumber is a great way to help your skin do that without spending a fortune. 
This clarifying mask gently peels away impurities while Cucumber Extract leaves your skin smooth and silky. It is advertised as "Made with natural, botanical ingredients", and is meant to help you look and feel your best. While it is presented as a product with natural ingredients, the very long list of ingredients makes me doubt the extent of its natural composition. Freeman advertises the mask as ideal for normal to combination skin types, and this is probably accurate when you take note of how high on the list of ingredients alcohol is, however I do suffer from dehydrated skin and it still works very well for me, so I would say even if you do have skin more on the dry side, it wouldn't hurt you (hopefully) or your pocket to try it out. 
As described, this mask leaves my skin feeling very soft, refreshed and also deeply cleansed without it feeling dry or tight. It calms down my skin, reducing any irritation and break outs. I normally use the mask approximately once or twice a week, however when I am suffering from breakouts I use it as a spot treatment daily and that works really well in helping any blemishes clear up faster. 

The product comes packaged in a tube form, which I do quite like as I feel it s much more hygienic than a pot. It is a gel consistency and is lightly scented. I don't really mind the consistency, however I'm not a massive fan either, because it can get quite messy. Just make sure you've got your hair neatly tucked away from your face. When you apply it, you must make sure that the layer you are applying is quite thin, as if you apply too much product, it won't dry nicely and it will become a hassle to remove. Once you get used to the formula however, and the best way to apply it, you will realise that it is quite a clean process. After waiting for the mask to dry for about 10 minutes, removal is a very easy and clean, as it all peals without leaving any residue on you skin. After use, rinse your face with warm water, and you will notice your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. 

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Peel-Off Mask Cucumber can be purchased from any Pharmacy/Drugstore or any Department store for the retail price of AU $10.84 and US $3.99. 

The Freeman face mask range also includes an avocado clay mask which I am interested in trying out and am due to purchase soon. Have you tried it? What do you think?

BEST DRUGSTORE CLARIFYING MASK | Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Peel-Off Mask Cucumber

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Monday, 10 February 2014



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