p until very recently, aka two days ago,  I had never tried out any Lush products, however my best friend decided to celebrate 'galentines' day hahaha and my presents were some Lush products. I have to say she did an amazing job at picking everything out, products and scents, even though she shouldn't have bothered to buy anything at all (!!!), I love her for how much thought she puts into everything and how well she knows me.

So, the first product that I have tried out and one that I am going to talk to you about today is the Jasmine and Henna Fluff Ease Hair Treatment. This product comes in a single sized, 220g tub and costs $27.50, which is definitely on the steeper side for hair care products. 
"Smoothing and softening the fluffiest locks. Ease your fluff with our supremely calming, jasmine-scented, pre-wash conditioner. Almond oil is smoothing and the blend of essential oils will de-tangle hair that's become troublesome and difficult. If you suffer from tangled and frizzy hair, this one's especially for you."
The product is apparently regarded as one of Lush's best hair treatments. The ingredients are very appealing to me, as they sound like they can do wonders for any type of hair really but especially dehydrated, frizz prone hair. The main ingredient is Persian red henna, which is known to help add shine to hair as well as aid coloured hair in lasting longer, followed by an astounding list including jasmine absolute, jojoba and soya oil, extra virgin olive oils, wheatgerm and coconut oils, ylang ylang and almond oils, hemp, brazil nut oil and castor. Jasmine has been added for its lovely fragrance while the oils are meant to hydrate and calm stressed hair. 
 Lush treatments do tend to have a shorter expiration period, as a lot of their ingredients are natural, and the face masks even need to be refrigerated which is quite pleasing for me as I do prefer natural products over loads and loads of chemicals. 
The Jasmine and Henna Fluff Ease Hair Treatment comes with a list of instructions which indicate that you should generously coat your hair in the treatment, then leave it in for 20 minutes before washing your hair as per normal. I left it for longer (approximately 50 minutes) and I've read of people that even leave it on overnight, however I think that if you leave it in for an exaggerated time over the suggested time, (like overnight) the henna starts to dye you hair and you may find that you hair has a little bit of a red tinge to it. 

Now, I read somewhere that Lush recommends that people with long hair use the whole tub in one sitting and people with short hair use 1/4 each time, but I think this is completely untrue. 
 This is a photo of my hair before use and as you can see it is pretty frizzy and quite thick. It looks like it would take a lot of product to completely coat it when dry, right? Well, to my complete surprise, it didn't. 
Above is a photo of the amount initially found in the tub, and underneath is the tub after one use.

As you can see, even with my thick, frizzy, slightly curly hair, it took a lot less than 1/4 of the tub to coat my whole head of hair. If you have thinner hair than mine, you can imagine how it would take a whole lot less even than what I used. 

The product did work very well. My hair feels very smooth and healthy after use, and when hair is dry, there is barely any frizz there, however it still allows for texture, not making my hair stick to my head or leaving it greasy in any way. Hair is easy to handle, style and it is tangle free following use. The scent is lovely, and lasts for ages, even through a couple of washes. 

Using Lush products is also quite reassuring for me when it comes to animals and the environment, as Lush recycles their pots and are part of a campaign against animal testing. Check out the brutal window display that Lush organised and presented to passers by and shoppers where a woman is subjected to animal testing as part of their crusade against the use of animals in cosmetic testing here. I admire the principles that Lush runs by and it definitely makes me a bigger fan of the brand. 
On a brighter note, if you take back 5 clean full sized Lush pots and tubs they will give you one fresh mask for free! Well that's generous of them and also quite nice to our deteriorating environment.
I have to say I do recommend Lush's Jasmine and Henna Fluff Ease Hair Treatment for its frizz calming qualities, which can be purchased at any Lush outlets for $27.50. 
What do you think? Have you tried it? Has it worked for you?


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Wednesday, 19 February 2014



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