The unexpected comeback of the mule is taking the fashion world by storm, becoming this springs shoe staple. 

ules are one of the very few shoe designs that I have despised in the past and certainly did not expect to see make their way back into the fashion spotlight.

I disliked the noise they make when someone wore them, that flip flop-like noise, I thought it could not be any less chic. I remember when I was a wee little child, my mother had a black pair of leather mules and I could not dislike them any more.
However, recently, completely out of character, the mules have won me over. They have been prevalent on the runways, but whether it is their omnipresence or their nonchalant look that has helped them make their way into my carefully refined wishlist, I am still unsure. 
The new and improved mules that I have seen presented on runways at Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, CĂ©line, Fendi, Margiela and Viktor and Rolf have helped the mule break away from its typical design that was holding it back from becoming a summer staple and a statement shoe in itself. They have a carefree vibe, sex appeal and are perfect for the city, as they are both stylish, comfortable, and easy to slip in and out of. So here is yet another addition to my wishlist for this upcoming season. A true must-have!


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Sunday, 23 February 2014



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