It is 2 am and I just can't believe this. A mere 3 minutes ago I finished watching Sex and the City. I was just casually watching when I came to the abrupt realisation that the end was not in 4 seasons (which is what I first thought) but right now.
Like Miranda and her relationship with her TIVO I had built my own little relationship with the show and now that it’s ended and I am completely taken aback and quite disappointed. I feel like some of my closest, dearest friends were just snatched away from me never to be seen again and I am back to having no fabulous four and no company.

And this got me thinking… Are we building relationships with our electronics, video games, our TV shows to avoid the fact that we are not part of a relationship or relationships, of a romantic or just friendly nature or are our relationships with our Sex and the City, Supernatural, Teen Wolf or any other Tv show or completely antisocial vice preventing us from building relationships in the real world, with real people that can show us love and compassion?

Is it society that is alienating us or are we choosing to alienate society without even realising it? Are we becoming the people, the generation, that complains about what we don’t have when really, all the things we lack are the consequences of our own actions? Of us choosing a date with our laptops instead of one with our friends? Of us choosing to watch the footy game on TV instead of meeting our best friends for drinks and a great time?

My first reaction after realising the show had just finished was asking questions such as “Who will I hang out with now? Who will make me laugh? Who will make me feel like less of a miserable, single girl when I am all alone at home with nothing to do.” After I asked them, the truth is, these questions scared me. A lot. These are not questions that should be directed to a TV show… What sane person asks that when they’re mourning the ending of a TV show? The truth is, all those questions should have real, tangible answers, and they should be your friends, or anyone that you have any sort of a friendly or romantic relationship with. And if you answer ‘Well that’s my laptop’, then that’s a sure sign that you need to carefully press the off power button and go outside. Talk. Enjoy nature. Enjoy life. 

Our generation has become so caught up with building a life online, that our real lives are being pushed aside. We choose to live the lives of fictional characters and we invest all of our precious time in theirs instead of making sure that it is ours that reaps the highest profit. All I say is build a life, have a social agenda and enjoy it because we only get one life and with each day that we waste on someone else's (fictional) life, we have one less to live of our own. 


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Sunday, 16 February 2014


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