ntil recently, picking out sunglasses was my worst nightmare, as nothing seemed to ever suit me, therefore I never wore any. They all seemed to either make my nose look horribly large, my face too round or my forehead immense. Luckily, what changed all of that was my recent haircut. Having a shorter haircut, somehow, changed the way sunglasses look on my face shape and after trying on multiple pairs, I have decided that I should stop torturing my eyes and purchase a pair.

Sunglasses will always be one of the most important accessories because of their benefits in protecting our eyes against the ultraviolet rays in sunlight. The fact that they are not dispensable means that they will always be a part in style and fashion. Even if that wasn't enough of an incentive, sunglasses always seem to pull an outfit together and add that extra needed umpf of style and trend. 
Here are a few pairs that I believe have the most trendy and elegant flair. I am planning on buying one of these pair and I would be very grateful if you guys could help me out with this because it seems to be too hard of a decision for me to make (bleh, i'm just too much of an undecided fuss). Let me know in the comment section bellow which pair is your favourite.


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Tuesday, 25 February 2014


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