I have never been much of a lover of the beach and the sunbathing that comes with it, however, this year, completely out of character for me I have been really enjoying it. 

However, after repeatedly sunbathing for hours on end in the Australian sun (always wear sunscreen!), I started to notice how dehydrated my skin had become and decided to take action, so I went out and bought the best selling body butter from The Body Shop, Chocomania. I bought a body butter because I was looking for intense hydration and their butters are supposed hydrate even more than the creams. I have to say I think this product has converted me from creams to body butters and it has become a staple in my routine especially after shaving or exposure to the sun. I love chocolate, however not all chocolate scents, as they can prove to be too sickly and sweet for me however this scent instantly appealed to me and, as it was on sale, I also purchased the matching lip butter along with it.

The packaging is the familiar twist off top, and inside is a smooth, thick butter that smells quite strongly of chocolate in the tub, and also on the skin. It is not overpowering, but soothing. 
When applied, it does sink perfectly into the skin if you have dry or dehydrated skin leaving no greasy feel after application, however, if your skin isn't that dry you may need to control the amount you apply as that can happen if the product is overloaded onto the skin. 

My skin is not that dry, so I keep this product as an evening use moisturiser, as it tends to feel a little heavy for daytime, but quickly replenishes the skins hydration and sinks into the skin fast enough to not feel bad when you hop into your bedsheets like other moisturisers which make it feel like your sheets are stuck to your legs whenever you move. 

I recommend this to both someone looking for a product that can quench their thirsty dry skin and also someone that is just looking to maintain the quality of theirs. I am not certain as to whether CHOCOMANIA was a special limited release or if it is part of their main line, however I assume that the rest of the body butters have just as many replenishing proprieties for the skin, so overall, I am a big fan of the body butters formula. I purchased the 200ml tub for $13.95 AU on sale and this offer can still be found in all Australian stores and I am aware it is also on offer in all USA stores and online.

The packaging is like a miniature version of the body butter and it is also filled with buttery, chocolatey goodness, only this time it is reformulated for use on your lips. It has an amazing chocolate scent that you can smell when the lip butter is on your lips. It makes me want to eat it. Shouldn't do that though. It even specifies it on the tub. 
I really like this lip butter, however I do have to say I am not in love with the formula. It does moisturise, and soften, however it tends to just sit on my lips. The fact that it does not really sink into my lips makes me feel like it is impossible for me to do things such as eating or drinking while I am using the product. Because of this I have resorted to using it as an overnight deep moisturiser for my lips, which works wonders. I just coat my lips in it before I sleep and always wake up with soft, enhanced lips. It isn't the best you will encounter but it does the job. 
I purchased this lip butter on offer for approximately $7, I cannot remember the exact price however I do believe the offer is still available at The Body Shop outlets in Australia. 

All in all I am really enjoying this range from The Body Shop and I recommend it to anyone looking for products that offer good quality for reasonable pricing. 

What do you think of The Body Shop body and lip butters? Do you like them? Have you tried the CHOCOMANIA range or do you have another favourite?


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Saturday, 1 February 2014



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