Okay, so except for the first photo, I know that the photos don't make the colour justice, they just make it look blue/minty but I promise that they both are a perfect Tiffany Blue shades. Technically they are described as mint but I swear they aren't a pure, typical mint shade.

When I first bought this shade I thought it to be too bright for my skin tone, but then I bought it again without even realising, from another brand and I couldn't believe I had the exact same shade twice. So then I gave it a chance and it has slowly made its way into my heart and into my favourites. Every time I wear it I feel fancy but also very jolly.

As I have the same shade in two formulas from two different brands I thought I would put them to the test and see how they wear, how long they last, and which one, in the end comes out on top. The two nail polishes are L'oreal Color Riche in shade 602 Perle de Jade and Essence Nail Polish in shade 146 that's what i mint!. 

I'm sorry about the following photos as my camera washed out the true colour of the nail polishes, however I am still going to include them to show you what they look like once applied and the basically inexistent difference between the shades. I tested them both with and without a top and base coat. When I did use them, I first applied my Revlon top and base coat in number 096. I do find that it works wonders both as a base and as a top coat but I do prefer to use it as a base coat when I use my Seche Vite as a top coat. Seche Vite is a great top coat, and gives very much of a gel-like finish to a at home manicure, however when you use about half of it, it starts to get pretty gloopy. Mine's on its way out now. 

The formula of the Essence nail polish is the more opaque between the two needing two coats for a completely opaque finish. It is smoother after it dries when no top coat is used compared to the L'oreal formula. However, I am truly sorry to say that it was the first to chip, resisting only two day with no chips at all without and four days with a top and base coat. 
The Essence one is the cheaper of the two with the retail price of $2.75 AU

The L'oreal formula has a thinner consistency. I only used two coats of this one as well, however I found it wasn't as opaque as the Essence one. It isn't as smooth, however this also has a pretty finish and does tend to last longer when it comes to chipping. This nail polish lasted four days with no chips without and five days with a top and base coat and even the chips that it does have now are minimal compared to the ones the Essence polish had. 
This is the pricier of the two, retailing at $7.54 AU. 

To be honest, when considering the minimal difference between them and their quality the price difference makes no sense but then again a lot of times you're just paying for the name on the glass bottle. If you don't mind the price, I'd say go for the L'oreal formula as it is more long lasting, however, with a good top and base coat they both have impressive staying power. 

What is your favourite nail polish shade? Do you have a favourite formula or brand?


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Tuesday, 4 February 2014



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