ases and primers that actually stay are pretty hard to find on the Australian drugstore shelves, and as I do suffer from very oily lids, I have to up the ante when it comes to the quality of a base's staying power and the quality of its ability to keep my eyeshadow just where I put it. To help you escape the dreadful search for the creme de la creme of bases and primers I thought I'd show you my top two finds from the drugstore/high street.

I have tried my good share of bases, both from the high street and more high end, such as the Becca Eye Tint, however, nothing surpasses the quality offered by the Maybelline Color Tattoos. The Maybelline Color Tattoos can be used both as a base or by themselves, as the colour payoff is just as good as the staying power. They are easily bleandable and also allow blendability of eyeshadows placed on top to set the gel. The wearing power is increased when the product is set with a powder/eyeshadow, however it performs almost just as well on its own. The Maybelline Color Tattoos are incredibly affordable as well, with an amazing price to product ratio, especially when compared with a similar product, such as the MAC paint pots. You can purchase them for the retailed price of $11.95 AU.

It's very hard to find an affordable eye primer so when I tried the one by Australis I was truly amazed. I have tried the Face of Australia matte eyeshadow primer, however to be quite honest it just fails. I put it on and by the end of the day all of my carefully blended eyeshadow is just an oily wreck, however, when I tried the Australis primer, my eyeshadow was completely intact at the end of the day. It keeps the lid matte and holds the eyeshadow in place without any mess ups. I know its unavailable outside of the land of Oz however I do think you guys could get a hold of it online if you really want to. Australis has a great range of products in general, their setting spray is a miracle worker I do have to say. It is available form any drugstores or department stores that carry the Australis brand for the retailed price of $12.95 AU.

What do you guys think? Have you tried these products? Have they worked for you? 


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Monday, 10 March 2014


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