rom crop tops to Manolos, fur coats to Fendi, Carrie provided an endless amount of eye candy, insurmountable inspiration, pushing her style to another level. While in some instances we do have to admit she was not the epitome of style, she still always managed to pull it off, allowing for her confidence and personality to turn what may have been a not-so-well-put-together outfit into a formidable one. 
The tone for Carrie's always unexpected style was set when she opted for the quirky tutu and tank top pairing for the SATC opening credits. 
Carrie was loyal to her fur from day one and throughout the show it became a go to layering piece that has made me and I'm sure many others dream of having one of my own.
The bold prints and patterns that she is never too afraid to have fun with are a defining feature of her style. Oh and how I adore those coats.
Wearing the most obnoxious of outfits in the most unsuitable places was one of Carries 'things', however she always looked comfortable and completely unfazed by the people around her or what they might think and I do think that this sort of carelessness of others opinions with the ultimate aim of self acceptance should be the goal of everyone out there. 
All in all Carrie was never afraid to be herself. She expressed who she was through her clothes and shoes and even though she didn't always look perfect, she looked perfect enough for who she was. I think that this should be a lesson to all of us. We should just be ourselves, confident in who we are and everything will fall right into place. We'll find our labels and our love, our Manolos and our Mr Big. 


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Sunday, 9 March 2014


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