t some point we all learned that going crazy with the mascara on our bottom lashes is a no-no, personally I usually skip it altogether, however makeup artist Aaron de Mey taught us otherwise when he went with a Twiggy-life eye makeup at Saint Laurent Fall 2014. 

He gave a 60's spin to the typical smokey eye, piling on clumpy lashes and winged out liner as well as a whole lot of smudging on the bottom. He, however, left lips nude and matte to balance the whole look. For the hair, Didier Malige went for a predominantly straight look while still letting their individualism shine through with a variety of complementing cuts. 

A punk vibe shone through the whole show, with black being a major component, as well as leather, which gave the pieces a sort of rough and androgynous feel. The show left me feeling like my mainly black wardrobe and extreme love for heavy eye makeup and winged liner will definitely fit right in this year, and that maybe I should pull out my old band tees from my punk rock stage for wear yet again. What do you guys think? Are you a heavy eye makeup kind of gal? Or do you prefer more of a softer approach?


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Saturday, 15 March 2014


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