ou're all probably already in the know when it comes to all the disadvantages of washing your hair on a daily basis, from how inconvenient it is, to the damage it causes hair by stripping it of its natural beneficial oils that work to keep hair supple and healthy. Washing hair everyday can also become very annoying and inconvenient when you, like me, have to style your hair after every wash. If you have any of those issues, then dry shampoo may be the answer to all your prayers. 

What if your roots are greasy? 
"The best use for dry shampoo is to clean or remove oil from your hair without the use of water," says Vercher. Dry shampoo is basically powder placed or sprayed on hair that absorbs any oil or grime. For example the Klorane Nettle Oil Control Dry Shampoo (which I highly recommend for this type of use) contains a very finely milled powder which makes it perfect for use specifically for freshening up grimy hair and removing oil, as it absorbs very well while not causing any noticeable changes to the hair. 

What if you want more volume? 
Another great use of dry shampoo is as a styling product, for adding some height and volume to freshly washed, flat hair. Spray it on from roots to ends to uniformly add texture throughout hair. It helps with holding up styles and adding dimension to dull hair. For this use I recommend the Batiste Dry Shampoo as the powder is not as fine, and the gritty texture gives the most voluminous results to all types of hair. 

You don't need to use a lot of product, however if you do, and you find that there is a white cast on your hair, brush through your hair repeatedly, until it is absorbed and no white cast is noticeable. Using dry shampoo is very easy and convenient and I definitely recommend it for all girls trying to conserve the health of their hair. 


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Monday, 3 March 2014



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