e all grew up learning the basic fashion rules. One of those has always been not wearing socks with pumps or sandals but hey this years runways seem to break all kinds of rules. From fancy socks with simple pumps to fancy shoes with simple socks, this years got it all. From Dolce to Vera Wang, anywhere your head turns, there they are, right in the fashion trend spotlight.
A pair of socks can turn a simple plain pair of shoes to more than you ever thought they could be, as they can add that extra little bit of edge and put together feel to a plain old boring outfit. 

Not only do socks look great but they also make wearing shoes from sport to haute extremely comfortable as well as helping with the prevention of those dreadfully uncomfortable shoes from hurting your feet. This is one trend I'll definitely dive into headfirst-or more likely feet first. 


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Monday, 24 March 2014

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