ruth is, I've been wanting a dark greenish/turquoise fur jacket like the one Abbey Lee is sporting in these photos for ages, and before you start scolding me, yes I do know wanting fur is a horrible thing, and I would never purchase real fur, however I do allow myself to admire its beauty. I am also not a big fan of fake fur, as over time it clumps together, however I will probably have to settle for the latter.
The fur coat Abbey Lee Kershaw is simply divine, and everything about her, from her blond hair, to her green eyes adds to the harmony of the picture and beauty of the coat. Just aghhhh look at how beautiful she looks! I love the effect a big, fluffy or loose jacket has when it makes the wearer look delicate and fragile underneath the bold statement piece. 
With my intense love for coats and layering I really do not think Australia has the right climate for me at all. Oh how I loathe the heat.


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Sunday, 23 March 2014



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  1. I love this color, great post :)

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