ver since I first started using liquid foundations as part of my daily make-up routine, I've always gravitated towards the ones with matte finishes. This was always largely because of my combination skin type, as I felt the matte finish would help control my oily T-zone, however, I have come to the conclusion that matte finishes do nothing but aggravate the production of  sebum which is the contrary result of what I look for when it comes to my base. After realising that matte finish foundations are what, instead of improving the look of my skin, made it worse, I decided to give the Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup Foundation with SPF20 a try, and let me tell you, I could not have made a better decision.

I purchased the foundation in shade #150 Nude, and while this is just a shade too dark for me, I can still wear it just by itself without it making me look like I have a bad fake tan, or at times I also mix one of my lighter shade foundations in with it in order to achieve the perfect shade for my skin tone.

Swatch of shade #150 Nude
The Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup Foundation is available in a range of sixteen shades, being fitting for skin tones ranging from fair to dark. I puchased the shade #150, Nude which is just slightly too dark for my skin, however as the formula is quite sheer,and forgiving, I can still pull it off.
I find that the best way to apply this foundation is using my fingers, as blending it in with a brush can make it settle into my pores, while when using my fingers, the product gets warmed up, which makes it flawlessly blend in with my skin. 
Shade #150 Nude blended in
I do believe that this foundation is a truly beautiful formula which becomes one with the skin once applied, avoiding any  or fake look to the skin. The finish of the foundation is not , however, it is not truly dewy either. It has a perfect balance which gives the skin a natural and healthy look and glow.

This is a sheer, light coverage foundation, beautiful for clear skin. It works well in evening out skin tones. If you suffer from blemishes and hyperpigmentation, however, do not expect this foundation to fully cover them. I personally suffer from these issues and I find that while the foundation is , it does help diminish the appearance of blemishes, hyperpigmentation and redness. As I have a combination skin type, I have an oily T-zone, also often get dry and flaky patches and I find that this formulation glides over those flaws nicely, not clinging too much them, but aiding in their concealment. As it does not dry completely matte, it does not accentuate the look of flaky areas, but helps  those areas, diminishing their dry look. I still find the use of a concealer necessary to completely mask the appearance of imperfections, foundation has ever offered me full coverage in my issue areas, so I do not really see that as a flaw of this formulation, especially as it is not advertised as a full coverage foundation. 

With my skin type being oily/combination, I find that the staying power of this foundation is terrific, lasting more on my oily areas than all of the matte finish foundations I have previously used which were advertised as having oily controlling, long lasting qualities. Also keep in mind that I do live in the hot Australian climate, which truly puts this foundation to the test.

The only negative that this foundation has in its packaging, which is the lack of a dispensing pump. This makes it quite difficult to have control over how much product you use, however, to be honest, this is quite a minimal issue that I can easily deal with when considering the amazing formula that is contained inside. 

Overall, this foundation, has to be the best liquid foundation I have yet used. All aspects of the formula, from the consistency, to the application, to the finish and the lasting power are amazing on my combination skin type and I do think that it would work well on all skin types. 
The Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup Foundation with SPF20 is available in all drugstores, department stores that carry the Revlon range and retails for AU$2595


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Wednesday, 9 July 2014


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